ScarErase™ is a proven Scar Removal and Scar Treatment System.


ScarErase™ is a specialized product that aids in scar removal. ScarErase™ is an alternative to expensive laser treatments and are painless alternatives for your scar treatment. Whether you want to remove  any type of surgical, wound or burn scar, ScarErase™ will provide you the scar removal results you require. Here are just a few things you should know about ScarErase:

  1. ScarErase  is FDA registered
  2. ScarErase™ is DOD DAPA approved
  3. ScarErase™ is approved for use in all DOD Military Hospitals
  4. ScarErase™ is approved for use in Burn Centers

ScarEraseis a special manufactured REUSABLE scar removal soft strip of medical grade silicone that has been used successfully for years in the treatment of all types of scars created by wounds, surgery or burns.

Using ScarErase as directed will help with scar removal and the management of hypertrophic and keloid scars, as well as acne, wound, surgical and burn scars.   Our proven product is an effective way to managing scar removal and scar treatment. ScarErase™ will manage all types of scar removal.

Try it on any scar because ScarErase doesn’t care how the scar was created or how old the scar is! The many documented testimonials and white papers written on this Silicone Treatment Method attests to the validity of this Treatment. We stand behind ScarErase and offer a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE based on more then a decade of proven effectiveness.

ScarErase™ is a proven method to aid in Scar Removal and Scar Treatment to reduce and even remove unsightly scars! ScarErase’s™ scar removal strips are unmatched and have been proven effective for over 15 years. Both our Scar and Tattoo products are an alternative to ‘EXPENSIVE’ laser treatment currently being used for scar and tattoo removal. Whether you want to remove a tattoo of a former significant other’s name or to remove any type of scar, we offer you proven products you can rely on. For the desired results you require.

Take the pain and hassle out of treating your scars – ScarErase is the Scar Removal and Scar Treatment System has proven effective to remove Scars Safely with out any pain!