Scars will disappear as quickly as footprints in the sand!

ScarErase™ is The Physician’s Choice

Reusable Scar Removal Strips

ScarErase™ is a special manufactured REUSABLE soft strip of medical grade silicone that has been used successfully for years in the treatment of all types of scars created by wounds, surgery or burns.  It is effective on scars of all ages!

ScarErase™ used as directed will HELP with all type of scar removal and management including, hypertrophic, keloid and acne scars.  All of this is done inexpensively and without the need for painful and expensive laser treatments.

ScarErase™ doesn’t care how the scar was created or how old the scar is! Our documented testimonials and medical journal white papers written on this Silicone Treatment Method attests to the validity of this Treatment.  Our “SATISFACTION GUARANTEE” says it all! 

For the desired results you require and for more details on our product check out our FAQ and our Care and Use Instructions.

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Customer Testimonials

Thank you for informing me about the benefits of ScarErase for burns and scars. As you know, I received a severe 2nd degree burn from my motorcycle exhaust which left a large Red Raised Scar on the inside of my right calf. After treating that scar with ScarErase my doctor was amazed at how ScarErase completely removed the Scar in such a short period of time. Again, thank you ScarErase. You made my leg beautiful again. If you need a poster child for ScarErase I am volunteering.

Review by Jacquie S.

On leap day of 2012, Feb. 29th to be exact—I had a full breast reduction from a size 36 DDD to 36 C.  As you can imagine, I had scars everywhere from such extensive surgery. Although my doctor suggested scar erase strips from several different companies; my dear friend asked me to try some from Scar Erase.  I was amazed by how easy they were to use and how well they worked—and thankful that all the scars just disappeared!  As I mentioned, it was four years ago, therefore I am not exactly sure if I used them 3 or 4 weeks—but they worked like miracles.

Review by Linda D.

I was so excited when Eric told me you were sending me some ScarErase. I have recently had some melanomas removed and it leaves a pretty good scar. I’ve been wearing the strips you sent me and they are already looking softer and lighter!

Thank you for taking the time to think of me and giving me such a wonderful product! Hopefully one day I will be able to meet you.

Thanks again

Review by Tracey