• Proven Effective – ScarErase has been proven to work on a wide range of scars, from injuries to burns to Keloid to Hypertrophic.
    • Safe & Painless – Our Silicone Sheeting Technology provides a painless scar removal process that is safe and toxin-free
    • Custom Sizing – Every injury and every scar is different.  We allow you to order the size that fits your needs.
    • ScarErase IS A REUSABLE 


Why Silicone Strips

ScarErase the Chosen Method of Scar Removal by Physicians

Over a Decade of Successful Scar Treatment Results Makes ScarErase™, The Physician’s Choice for Scar Treatment.


Using ScarErase as directed, will help with all your scar treatment efforts. Our scar treatment has been effective on all scars including hypertrophic, keloid and burn scars.

This documented and proven treatment method has been an effective way to manage your scar removal process for over 20 years.

Only Scar Erase Provides this type of Treatment Results

ScarErase has proven effective on all types of scars no matter how they were created or how old the scar! Our customer’s many testimonials attest to the validity of this scar removal treatment method. We stand behind ScarErase and offer you our satisfaction guaranty. You owe it to yourself to use ScarErase. Take advantage of our affordable low prices and order it today. Scar Removal has never been easier, you will thank us for the results

The images below show how the Self-Adhesive Strips are applied to the area of the scar.

selfadhesive strip 3 selfadhesive strip 2


Q. Is your scar hypertrophic or keloid?
A. If your scar is red and raised, or discolored according to your skin pigmentation and it is irritable and uncomfortable, more than likely it is a hypertrophic or Your doctor will know for certain. ScarErase™ will improve the appearance of your scar. It will soften, smooth and flatten your scar and it will help restore the normal color of your skin. In most cases the RELIEF of irritation and pain caused by these types of scars occurs in most patients.

Q. How long will it take my scar to look and feel more like my normal skin? 
 A. Some people may see results in a short period of time. For others, it may take several months to see
the desired results. You MUST comply with the easy to follow Use and Care Instructions forScarErase™.
Though results maybe dramatic and pleasing to you, some evidence of your scar may remain. Please
note the strip is reusable so follow the instructions to reuse and reapply it. ScarErase™ is all the
treatment you will require for your scar or burn. Contact us if you have any questions.

Q. Does ScarErase™ prevent scarring disorders?
A. Using ScarErase™ following any surgery, injury or burn may PREVENT the
formation of a scar.ScarErase™ will help PREVENT scarring disorders after most major surgery or burn
injuries. It is effective even on the smallest injury or older scar. ScarErase™ is produced to accommodate
all types and sizes of scars. It is also designed for specific surgical procedures, cardio vascular,
adominoplasty, etc.

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Scar Erase products

Scar Erase Custom Sizes – Most Popular

self adhesive strip 1 x 6


Current promotion – Buy one get Second piece FREE.  This is for your typical thin scar(s).

The light gray square on the strip provides for easy separation of the Silicone Strip from the backing.  Once the layers are separated the strip is ready to apply to your scarred area.  See Care and Use instructions for detailed information on applying your Silicone Strips.

One inch by six Inches.  Quantity TWO – one inch by six inch strip $29.95 shipping and handling included.



Cut Yourself Sheets

cut yourself sheet


Scar Erase’s cut it yourself sheets provide the easiest and most cost effective choice for all larger or irregular shaped scars.  90% of all scars are the right size for our 1′ x 6″  ready to use strips.  But now you can accommodate any size or shape of scar(s) you have.

Twelve inch by twelve inch cut to fit sheet $179.95 shipping and handling included.


Bulk Rolls – All are one inch wide

self adhesive roll


Scar Erase’s ready to use Silicone Strip Rolls is an economical way to have the right size always available for your scar treatment.  You simply cut to the right length peel apart and apply to your scar(s).  Available is the following lengths.

One inch wide by 24 inches long.  $29.95 shipping and handling included.

One inch wide by 36 inches long. $39.95 shipping and handling included.


Why you want our Self-Adhesive Sheets, Rolls, and Strips

All of our new silicone self adhesive material are backed by an easy to peel backing as shown below.

silicon self adhesive





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